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IAO is a multilevel platform where individuals can discover and develop purpose! Gifts and Talents are raw until connected with purpose. When you discover who and what you are, your vision becomes apparent, and your actions deliberate! Through IAO the Academy, we have and will continue to help individuals tap into their God-given abilities! IAO The Academy, IAO The Foundation, and IAO Fit Life serve as soil to the seed of purpose. Our programs prepare you to maximize all you were created to be mentally, physically, and financially!  "Improvise Adapt Overcome"

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Creating profit as an entrepreneur is easy, but making a substantial profit can be challenging. You will need a small dedicated team of go-getters tired of settling for average! Nothing great was ever accomplished alone! One of the highlights of our career as Entrepreneurs was our induction into the Million Dollar Hall of Fame. Great is always achieved with help. Thank you to everyone that believed in and stuck with us! People may have said that Making a million dollars in a year is easy. If you are doing it for a 2nd or 3rd time, maybe, but that 1st time is work, and don't let anyone fool you into thinking otherwise! implementing the right strategies and formulas for the win is important. We have dedicated ourselves to teaching the Win Now Formula to entrepreneurs worldwide! 

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"Our 4 Phase System"

We help Entrepreneurs discover purpose, thrive, and profit in that purpose through our unique one of a kind "4-Phase Coaching System"

We have been where you are! We know the path! Let us help you minimize the mistakes and maximize your time in power mode!

  • Understanding what it means to be an entrepreneur!

  • Knowing and being confident in your purpose!

  • Profiting through your purpose, your passion!

  • Developing your personal "Win Now Formula"

  • Implementing your plan with power and Tanacity!


"The Butterfly"

"The Entrepreneur Coaches"

Nate and Pam McCray are 7 figure Entrepreneur Coaches. They have been serial Entrepreneurs for the past 30 years of their lives. Helping develop like-minded self-starters around the world. Nate is a published Self Help Author, The CEO of 3LD LLC, and the Founder & Creator of The (IAO) Lifestyle Development brand, IAO The Academy, and the IAO Non-Profit Foundation for struggling and underprivileged Entrepreneurs. Pam is also a published Self Help Author and has been featured in several Success publications. She is the CEO and founder of Created 4 Greatness LLC. Her popular “Created For Greatness” brand has Inspired & empowered people worldwide! Their mission is to help those ready to discover their true purpose and create a lifestyle that subdues and dominates the spirit of average and mediocrity!

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