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Purpose Impacts Legacy!

Updated: Feb 20

Purpose Impacts Legacy!

It was 5 am as I was sipping on my coffee and hearing the neighbor's dog let out 1 single raspy bark every 5 seconds! I'm certain that people are trying to sleep right now! The one question that ran through my head was why would anyone allow their dog to bark like that at 5 am? That has nothing to do with purpose, just venting! On our Path of Purpose, there is much to do, but it remains undone until discovered. We all have one life to live but at times we act as if we have several. Legacy is when your past Impacts your future positively or negatively, your choices will determine which one!

The discovery of purpose will impact your legacy in ways that you may not see or feel right now. Undiscovered purpose is like someone telling you how amazing something is, but you never get to experience it for yourself.

True Story!

One day I noticed that I could not make out street signs until I was almost in front of them. I just accepted it and adapted to the loss of vision. A couple of months later I was passing an optometrist's office and decided to go in for an eye test. Of course, I was told that I needed glasses for distance. I was in denial that my vision was bad enough to need glasses but I ordered them anyway.

When they called and told me that my glasses were in, I procrastinated about picking them up for 2 weeks because again, I was in denial! When I finally picked them up and put them on, I was amazed at how detailed the world around me became. I could see individual leaves on trees now, street signs, and faces in cars. Everything was alive and vivid around me now and I couldn't imagine how I didn't notice this change in my vision sooner. Well, the answer is I did notice it, I just chose to settle for less vision!

The absence of purpose is much like a loss of vision. When you discover your purpose, things become super clear. Things around you start to change because you now have something to move toward, a purpose to achieve. Discover your purpose and create your legacy!


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1 Comment

Pam McCray
Pam McCray
Jan 18, 2023

Yes so true, once you discover your purpose, everything becomes clear!

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